IGNOU MSW Syllabus 2023: PDF Download

IGNOU university students can read or download IGNOU MSW Syllabus from here. As you know all you need is the course syllabus to study better.

The Social Work School (SOSW) of IGNOU offers social work programs through ODL System. This school works on the social education system.

IGNOU MSW Programme Structure

IGNOU University follows the credit system for its master’s Degree Programme. Each Credit amounts to 30 hours of study comprising all learning activities. To complete successfully the MSW program, you will have to earn 66 credits over a period of 2-5 Years.

Major Components:

  • Compulsory Papers – 38 Credits
  • Optional papers – 8 Credits
  • Field Work – 20 Credits
  • Total Credits – 36

IGNOU MSW Syllabus in Detail

List of MSW Compulsory Papers

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MSW-001Origin and Development of Social Work (Theory)4
MSW-002Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives (Theory)4
MSW-003Basic Social Science Concepts4
MSW-004Social Work and Social Development (Theory)4
MSW-005Social Work Practicum and Supervision (Theory)4
MSW-006Social Work Research (Theory)4
MSW-007Case Work and Counselling: Working with individuals4
MSW-008Social Group Work: Working with groups4
MSW-009Community Organization Management for Community Development4

List of MSW Optional Papers

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MSWE-001HIV/AIDS: Stigma, Discrimination, and Prevention4
MSWE-002Women and Child Development4
MSWE-003Disaster Management4
MSW-010Introduction to Philanthropic Social Work4
MSWP-001Dissertation (Project Work)4
Course CodeYearTitleCredits
MSWL-0011st yearSocial Work Practicum-I (Practical)10
MSWL-0022nd yearSocial Work Practicum-II (Practical)10

Year-wise Distribution of Courses

First-Year MSW Course Syllabus

  1. Origin and Development of Social Work (MSW-001) 4
  2. Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives (MSW-002) 4
  3. Basic Social Science Concepts (MSW-003) 4
  4. Social Work and Social Development (MSW-004) 4
  5. Social Work Practicum and Supervision (MSW-005) 4
  6. Social Work Research (MSW-006) 6
  7. Social Work Practicum-I (Practicals) (MSWL-001) 10

IInd Year MSW Course Syllabus

  1. Case Work and Counselling: working with individuals (MSW-007)
  2. Social group work: working with groups (MSW-008)
  3. Community Organization Management for Community Development (MSW-009) 4
  4. Any two elective courses, from the following:
    i) HIV/AIDS: Stigma Discrimination and Prevention (MSWE-001) 4
    ii) Women and Child Development (MSWE-002) 4
    iii) Disaster Management (MSWE-003) 4
    iv) Introduction to Philanthropic Social Work (MSW-010) 4
    v) Dissertation (Project Work) (MSWP-001) 4

Social Work Practicum-II (Practicals) (MSWL-002) 10 (For MSW 2nd year: 30 credits)
Total Credits = 66

In order to enable you to complete MSW Programme within the minimum period of two years, you are allowed to take 36 credits worth of courses in 1st year and 30 credits in 2nd year.

Download IGNOU MSW Syllabus PDF 2023

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How Many Credits need to complete MSW Degree IGNOU?

You need 66 credits to complete an MSW degree from IGNOU university.