MA Education Syllabus IGNOU 2023: PDF Download

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IGNOU MA Education Course Details

Course NameMaster of Arts in Education (MA Education)
University NameIndira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Course DurationMinimum 2 Years and maximum 5 years
Age LimitNo Age Limit
Programme Fee13,500

The M.A. (Education) programme comprises four groups of courses with differential weightage. The total number of credits will be 68 and each student is expected to cover 34 credits each year.

Group A : Basic course on Education

Group B : Core Courses

Group C : Courses on Knowledge Generation in Education

Group D : Specialised Areas in Education

Course Description

Group A: Basic course on Education (4 credits)

This course provides a concise but comprehensive articulation of education. The course familiarizes you with the various recognizable aspects and task-areas in the field of education. It also provides a conceptual overview of education with its multiplicity and complexity. It is an introductory course to the core courses. Hence, it introduces concepts and ideas in education which are also discussed in core courses in greater detail.

Course Code Course Title Credits

MES-011 Understanding Education 4 Credits

Group B: Core Courses

The core courses are intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the significant aspects of education. They bring out the variety of concepts, processes, and tasks in education in a proper ‘educational’ perspective. With these in view, four courses are visualized, all of which are compulsory for all students.

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MES-012Education: Nature and Purposes6
MES-013Learning, Learner and Development6
MES-014Societal Context of Education6
MES-015Operational Dimensions of Education6

Group C: Courses on Knowledge Generation in Education
The course structure of Group C is worked out in such a way that there is adequate scope for
both theoretical understanding of the process of knowledge generation in education as well as ‘hands on’ experience in research activities. The theoretical understanding of the process of knowledge generation in education is presented in the course on “Educational Research”. Similarly, the practical experience is visualized with a more meaningful and rewarding experience in the form of a dissertation.

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MES-016Educational Research6

Group D: Specialized Areas in Education
Under Group D, a student has to complete four or five courses worth 24 credits in one specialized
area. There are five specialized areas on offer. Out of five, a student has to choose only one specialized area. The specialized areas are: Higher Education, Distance Education, Educational Technology, Educational Management and Adult Education.

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MES-101Educational Research6
MES-103Higher Education: The Socio-Psychological Field6
MES-104Planning and Management of Higher Education6


Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MES-111Growth and Philosophy of Distance Education4
MES-112Design and Development of Self-Learning
Print Materials
MES-113Learner Support Services4
MES-114Management of Distance Education6
MES-115Communication Technology for Distance Education6


Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MES-031ET- An Overview6
MES-032Communication and Information Technology6
MES-033Computer Technology6
MES-034Designing Courseware6


Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MES-041Growth and development of Educational Management6
MES-042Dimensions of Educational Management6
MES-043Organizational Behaviour6
MES-044Institutional Management6

Specialized Area: ADULT EDUCATION

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
MAE-001Understanding Adult Education6
MAE-002Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in India6
MAE-003Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination
and Networking in Adult Education
MAE-004Extension Education and Development6

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