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MBA HR Syllabus and Pattern

MBA HR syllabus is divided into different categories or parts. Some candidates search MBA HR Entrance syllabus whereas some want MBA HR Course syllabus. Most universities or colleges provide a course-wise syllabus. Candidates can read or download the MBA Human Resource management syllabus from here.

MBA Human Resource Management is candidates’ favorite field in management sector.  An HR MBA aspirant, who is interested in maintaining popular areas like culture, ethics, and other activities in an organization. HR has the responsibility to maintain the values and qualities in that a particular organization.

What is MBA HR or MBA In Human Resource

The full form of MBA in HR or MBA HR is Master of Business Administration in Human Resource. It is a specialization designed to produce HR Professionals who can manage workforce of the organization. It is a two-year degree course related to human resources and development. This two-year programme is offered by many B-Schools. An HR is a person who is a professional in hiring the right employee, right policymaker, making the right decisions for the company.

An HR is a person who plays an important role for every business organization. 

Required skills for HR MBA

  1. Teamwork and collaboration
  2. Technological aptitude
  3. Administrative skills
  4. Multitasking and computer knowledge
  5. Decision-making ability
  6. Communication skill
  7. Conflict and problem solving
  8. Negotiating
  9. Good in behaviour
  10. Dedicated towards responsibilities
  11. Leadership quality

MBA in HR Course Structure

Generally, the MBA Human Resource management course is categorise as core and elective subject. The graduates can select their electives as per their specialization, area of interest and submit research-based pratical projects at end of the IV semester.

  • Core and Elective Subjects 
  • Internship
  • Industrial Training
  • Field Training
  • Project submission

MBA HR Subjects

MBA or Master in Business Management HR has different subjects related to this field. MBA in HR can be persuaded from different universities or colleges in India. This degree programme can be completed yearly or semester-wise.

  • Managerial Communication and Decision Making
  • Employment Relations Laws
  • HRM Planning, Bargaining and Negotiation Process
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  • Finance and Financial Considerations in HR Management
  • General Management
  • HR Audit
  • Information Systems
  • HR and Organizational Behaviour
  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • Econometrics for HR
  • Operations Management
  • Communication
  • Strategic Management
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Economics

MBA HR Semester Wise Syllabus 

There are four semester in MBA HR program in which candidate study a range of topics and areas to understand Human Resource Management. 

Here the syllabus is divided into semesters

Semester 1

  • Management Process and Organizational Theory
  • Individual Behaviour in Organization
  • Managerial Economics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Environment
  • Managerial Communication and Skill Development
  • Quantitative Techniques in Human Resource Management
  • Manpower Planning and Resourcing HR Audit

Semester 2

  • Research Methodology
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
  • Production and Operation Management
  • Economics of Human Resources
  • Managing Interpersonal and Group
  • Processes Fundamentals of Industrial Relations Compensation benefits
  • Performance Management and appraisal
  • Talent Management and Employee Relation, Change Management

Semester 3

  • Strategic management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management and Competency Mapping
  • Compensation and Reward Management Labour law- I

Semester 4 

  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Contemporary Employment Relations
  • Human Capital Management
  • Labour law-II
  • Cross Cultural and International HRM
  • Dissertation/Industrial Taining on Contemporary issues in Human Resources management and Field Study.


Download MBA Syllabus of Different Universities

Xavier School of Management

Check important topics of MBA HR Syllabus  of Xavier school of management



  1. Employment Relations Laws: Law of Industrial Relations
  2. Employment Relations Laws: Law of Social Security
  3. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management [1.5 credits]
  4. Fundamentals of Industrial Relations
  5. Fundamentals of Labour laws [1.5 credits]
  6. Human Resource Planning [2 credits]
  7. Performance Management and Appraisal
  8. Wage Determination and Administration


  1. Advanced Manpower Planning
  2. Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Process
  3. Employee Empowerment [1.5 credits]
  4. Executive Compensation
  5. Grievance Resolution [1.5 credits]
  6. HR Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions
  7. Human Resource Management in Service Sector
  8. Industrial Jurisprudence
  9. International Human Resource Management
  10. Labour Law Applications
  11. Managerial Competencies and Career Development [4.5 credits] [also OB]
  12. Managerial Counselling [also OB]
  13. Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  14. Managing Redundancy
  15. Measuring HR [1.5 credits]
  16. Occupational Testing [also OB]
  17. Organisational Change and Development [also OB]
  18. Participative Management [1.5 credits]
  19. Principles of Labour Administration
  20. Role of HR in Knowledge Management [1.5 credits]
  21. Selection [1.5 credits]
  22. Strategic Human Resource Management [also OB]
  23. Taxation [1.5 credits]
  24. Training and Development

Top 8 Universities in India for MBA in HR

  1. Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi
  2. Tata Institute of Social Science
  3. University Business School
  4. International Management Institute, Delhi
  5. IIM Ranchi
  6. Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
  7. Management Development Institute
  8. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI)

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Sharda University

University of Delhi

MDU Rohtak

Andhra University

JUNTH University

Rajasthan Technical University

Bangalore University

University of Guwahati MBA Human Resource Syllabus

Bharti Vidyapeeth MBA HR Syllabus

Bharathiar University Coimbatore

This is the MBA HR Syllabus. This information will help you.

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