NSW Creative Arts Syllabus for Primary, Secondary, and Senior: Download PDF

NSW Creative Arts Syllabus was designed in 2006 by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). You can download the syllabus according to your need. The syllabus is divided into different stages Primary (K-6), Secondary (7-10), and Senior (10-12).

Creative Arts Syllabuses

Creative art is a part of the study for those who want to be visual creators. It enables them to explore new ideas, forms, and values. The creative arts offer opportunities to enchant, explore, investigate and respond to the world through making and performing.

Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus

This is an outline of the syllabus. You can check it in short. If you need it in detail, download it from the given link.

Aim and Objectives
Overview of Learning in Creative arts in Visual Arts, Music, Drama, and Dance.
Foundation Statements
Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance
for Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage, 2, Stage 3
Outcomes and Indicators
Content Overview

Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance
Scope in the Artforms
Visual Arts

NSW Creative Arts Secondary (7-10) Syllabus

Dance 7-10
Drama 7-10
Music 7-10
Photographic and Digital Media 7-10
Visual Arts 7-10
Visual Design 7-10

NSW Creative Arts Senior (11-12) Syllabus

Dance – 11-12 Syllabus
Creative Arts Life Skills – 11-12 Syllabus
Dance Life Skills – 11-12 Syllabus
Drama – 11-12 Syllabus
Music 1 – 11-12 Syllabus
Music 2 – 11-12 Syllabus
Music Extension – 11-12 Syllabus
Music Life Skills – 11-12 Syllabus
Photography, Video and Digital Imaging – 11-12 Syllabus
Visual Arts – 11-12 Syllabus
Visual Arts Life Skills – 11-12 Syllabus
Visual Design – 11-12 Syllabus

Download the K-6 NSW Creative Arts Syllabus