Rajasthan University Syllabus 2023: PDF Download Syllabus of uniraj.ac.in

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Rajasthan University Syllabus

Rajasthan University Syllabus (uniraj syllabus) can be downloaded from here. The University is also known as UNIRAJ. The University of Rajasthan offers lots of courses in various streams. These are popular faculties for various courses. These courses are divided into annual and semester schemes.

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Education

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Faculty of Fine Arts
B.V.A (Part-I to IV)
M.V.A. Painting/Sculpture/Applied (Part-I to IV)
M.A. in Drawing & painting (Part-I to IV)
M.A. in Drawing & Painting
M.A. in Dramatics (Part-I to IV)
PG Diploma in Dramatics
B.Des. in Fashion Design (Part-I to IV)
B.Des. in Jewellery Design (Part-I to IV)
B.Des. in Interior Design (Part-I to IV)
B.Des. in Craft Accessory Design (Part-l to IV)
B.P.A. Music (Vocal) (Part-1,11,111 & IV)
B.P.A. Music Instrumental (Sitar) (Part-1,11,111 & IV)
B.P.A. Indian Music (Tabla) (Part-1,11,111 & IV)
B.P.A. (Dance) Part-1,11,111 & IV
M.P.A. (Vocal Music) Ito IV
M.P.A. (Vocal Music) Previous & Final
M.P.A. (Kathak) I to IV
M.P.A. (Tabla) Ito IV
M.A. Music (Vocal Music) I to IV
M.A. Instrumental Music (Sitar) I to IV
M.A. Indian Music (Vocal)
Pre Ph.D. Course Work (Hindustani Music)
MPAT (Indian Music)

Faculty of Arts & Social Science
B.A. (Pass Course) Part-1
B.A. (Pass Course) Part-1
B.A. (Pass Course) Part-111
B.A. (Hons.) Part-1
B.A. (Hons.) Part-11
B.A. (Hons.) Part-III
B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-I)
B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-II)
B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-III)
M.A. HINDI Annual Scheme
M.A. Hindi Semester Scheme
M.A. History Annual Scheme
M.A. History Semester Scheme
M.A. -M.Sc Anthropology Semester Scheme
M.A. Musicology & Conservation Semester Scheme
M.A. Philosophy Annual Scheme
M.A. Philosophy Semester Scheme
M.A. Political Science Annual Scheme
M.A. Political Science Semester Scheme
M.A. Public Administration Annual Scheme
M.A. Public Administration Semester Scheme
M.A. Economics Annual Scheme
M.A. Economics Semester Scheme
M.A. English Annual Scheme
M.A. English Semester Scheme
M.A. French Semester Scheme
M.A. Rajasthani Language Literature & Culture Semester Scheme
M.A. Sanskrit Semester Scheme
M.A. Sanskrit Annual Scheme
M.A. Sociology Annual Scheme

M.A. Sociology Semester Scheme
M.A. Urdu Annual Scheme
M.A. Urdu Semester Scheme
M.A. Electronic Media, Journalism & Mass Communication, Public Relation and Advertising
Certificate Course in Jain Studies
Certificate Diploma & Post Diploma in Eueropean Languages
P.G.Diploma in Indian Culture Annual
P.G.Diploma in Jain Studies
PG Diploma in Women Studies
M.Phil. in Public Administration
M.Phil. in Philosophy
M.Phil. in Sanskrit
M.Phil. in Urdu
M.Phil. in Hindi
M.Phil. in Course in Jain Studies
M.Phil. in Gandhian Studies
M.Phil. in Sociology
M.Phil in Anthropology
M.Phil. in Gender Studies
M.Phil. in Economics
M.Phil. in History
M.Phil. in Political Science
M.Phil. in English
M.Phil./Ph.D. Course Work in South Asian Studies

Faculty of Management
Master of Business Administration (I to IV)
Master of Business Administration Service Management (I to IV)
Master of Business Administration-Executive (I to IV)

Faculty of Law

L.L.B. Part-1,2,3
B.A. L.L.B. Hons. Five Year (Hons.)
B.A.L.L.B. Five Year (Integrated Course)
L.L.M. (HR & VE)
L.L.M. (General)
L.L.M. & Diploma

Faculty of Science
B.Sc. Part
B.Sc. (Hons.) Part 1
B.Sc. (Hons.) Part II
B.Sc. (Hons.) Part III
B.Sc. (Home Science) Part I
B.Sc. (Home Science) Part II
B.Sc. (Home Science) Part III
B.Sc. Bio-Technology
B.C.A Part 1,11 & III
Master in Computer Application (I to IV)
M.Sc. Biotechnology
M.Sc. Zoology
M.Sc./M.A. Psychology
M.Sc./M.A. Statistics
M.Sc./M.A. Environmental Science
M.Sc./M.A./M.Com. in Garment Production & Export Management
M.Sc./M.A. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
M.Sc./M.A. Geography
M.Sc. Botany
M.Sc. Physics
M.Sc. Geology
M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry
M.Sc./M.A. Mathematics
M.Sc. Chemistry
M.Sc. Zoology
M.Sc. Home Science (Foods and Human Nutrition)
M.Sc. Home Science (Development Communication and Extension)
M.Sc. Home Science (Human Development and Family)
M.Sc. Chemistry
Post P.G. Diploma in Counseling
Post P.G. Diploma in Environmental Studies
Post P.G. Diploma in Population Studies
Post P.G. Diploma in Human ecology
M.Sc. Geography
M.Sc. Microbiology
M.Sc./M.A. Mathematics
M.Sc. Environmental Science
M.Sc. Psychology
M.Sc./M.A. Statistics
M.Sc. Geology
M.Sc. Physics
M. Phil./Pre Ph.D. in Psychology
Pre Ph.D. Course in Chemistry
M. Phil./Ph.D. in Mathematics
Ph.D. in Environmental Studies
M. Phil./Ph.D. in Mathematics
M.Sc. Botany
M.Phil  Geography
M. Phil./Ph.D. in Statisitcs
M.Phil Botany

Faculty of Commerce
B.Com. (Pass course) Part-1
B.Com. (Pass course) Part-1
B.Com. (Pass course) Part-111
B.Com. (Hons.) Part-1
B.Com. (Hons.) Part-||
B.Com. (Hons.) Part-III
BBA Part-1,I1, III
Master of Cost and Mang. Acc. (I to IV)
M.Com. ABST (Prev. & Final)
M.Com. ABST (I to IV)
M.Com. Business Admn. (I to IV)
M.Com. Business Admn. (Prev. & Final)
M.Com in EAFM (I TO IV) Semester
M.Com. EAFM (Prev. & Final)
M.Com in Financial Analysis & control (I to IV)
M.COM. (Human Resource Management) I to IV
M.Com. (Human Resource Management) Previous & Final
M.COM. (International Business) I to IV
M.COM. (International Business) Previous & Final
M.Phlil (E.A.F.M.)
M.Phil. & Ph.D. in ABST (I & II)
M.Phil . (Business Administration)
PG Diploma (Financial Analysis & Control)
PG Diploma (Banking & Finance)
PG Diploma (Co-operation)
PG Diploma(Dovelopment & Investment Banking)
PG Diploma (Management of small scale & Agro-industries)
PG Diploma (Project planning & Infra structure management)

Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Library & Information Science
Master of Library & Information Science
B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part 1
B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part II
B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part III
B.Sc.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IV
B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part 1
B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 3 Year Part II
B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part III
B.A.&B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part IV
B.Ed.&M.Ed. Integrated Programme 3 Year
B.Ed. Two Year Part I & II
B.Ed Special Education (Intellectual Disability)
B.Ed Special Education (Learning Disability)
B.Ed Special Education (Mental Retradation)
Bachelor of Physical Education 2 year
Certificate Course in Yoga Education
M.Ed. Two Year Part I & II
Master of Physical Education 2 Year
M.Phil in Physical Education
P.G. Diploma in Yoga Education


This is the Rajasthan University Syllabus for different subjects and streams.

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